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What Does Service StabiliTrak Means And Why You Need It?

Have you ever seen the word “StabiliTrak” on your dashboard? It might seem like a funny name until you realize what it stands for. In this blog, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about StabiliTrak and how it can help make your driving experience smoother.

Service StabiliTrak is a system that monitors the operation of stability control to help reduce the risk of an accident. Your car’s stability control system has four main components: a yaw sensor, a steering angle sensor, an accelerometer, and a brake pressure controller. These components are used to detect when your car begins to skid or pulls to one side. When this happens, the system will apply brakes on the appropriate wheel as needed. This prevents your vehicle from skidding off course and keeps you in control of your vehicle.

What Is StabiliTrak?

Each of the StabiliTrak sensors includes an integrated accelerometer that measures the forces acting on the system’s components. StabiliTrak identifies when the sensors are struck and offers diagnostic information that informs the driver of potential problems. The system alerts the driver to the occurrence of an accident or poor driving condition. Furthermore, it measures the current state of the system’s software and components. The system can alert the driver to prevent systems failures and make sure the system is in good condition.

What Does Service StabiliTrak Means

How StabiliTrak Works?

StabiliTrak (ST) is a system that measures a number of measurements on the front wheels (yaw sensor), the rear wheels (steering angle sensor), and the braking system (accelerometer). Each sensor sends data to the control computer, which in turn determines how much anti-lock brake or antilock braking intervention (ABS) to apply to your vehicle. This information is delivered to the control module as well as to the ABS and traction control buttons on the steering wheel. This alerts you that you need to take over your vehicle. A system like StabiliTrak requires an internet connection for data collection. A short USB plug or portable Ethernet adapter. Also, when using a wired connection, a security password is needed.

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Why Should You Use StabiliTrak?

The proper use of stability control can reduce the risk of an accident by 40%, and I can almost guarantee that you, or someone you know, has experienced a terrible wreck caused by a car that was out of control. On a normal day on the road, one in five crashes occurs when the driver over-corrects. This means that a driver makes a wrong turn and turns the vehicle into the path of an oncoming vehicle. It doesn’t take long to implement a well-implemented, reliable stability control system in your car. Although the system won’t reduce the severity of an accident, it can greatly reduce its severity. If you install the StabiliTrak system and properly use it, you can reduce the chances of an accident by 40%.

When To Use StabiliTrak?

You should use stability control only if your vehicle has a fully functioning stability control system. Otherwise, you risk driving into the path of another vehicle. An even more obvious reason to use stability control is when driving on slippery, rainy, or snowy roads. Even on dry roads, you must not drive too fast or use the brakes unnecessarily. If you take these actions, you could skid and lose control of your vehicle. The best time to use stability control is during the spring or fall and after the winter season.

How to Enable StabiliTrak?

You can turn on stability control by opening the stability control display. To do this, simply press the blue StabiliTrak button located on the center console. Once you do this, you will have access to additional information, such as the system status, wheel-speed sensor input, and vehicle speed. To turn off the system, you must press the red Reset StabiliTrak button located on the center console. The more times you press the Reset StabiliTrak button, the more of the vehicle’s controls are reset. If you encounter an emergency, do not reset StabiliTrak.

Note: Even if your StabiliTrak button is illuminated, it will not do anything until you turn on the vehicle and push the StabiliTrak button. Activate your StabiliTrak system by turning on the vehicle.

How To Disable StabiliTrak?

To stop your StabiliTrak system, you have to remove all of the components and software. Do not use the system if it has a fresh calibration. The feature will stop functioning after the software and calibration are removed. Before removing the system, you must click a button to toggle the system on or off. There are three types of immobilizer systems:

  1. Permanent system
  2. Temporary system
  3. Sensorized system

Permanent immobilizer systems are installed permanently on the car and will not move when the car’s engine is turned off. Temporary immobilizer systems are installed temporarily and are removed when the car is serviced.


StabiliTrak is one of the most effective and easiest systems available for your safety. The combination of an optical sensor, a built-in computer, and a software platform makes it simple to install in your vehicle. It’s also easy to use and doesn’t have any limitations other than the condition of the car. It’s low cost, high value, and easy to install.

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