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How Much Does It Cost To Repaint A Car?

Repainting your car brings a lot of satisfaction. It gives your car a fresh new look that makes necks turn whenever you pass while enhancing the exterior durability. Unfortunately, repainting your vehicle is an investment that needs time and money. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how much does it cost to repaint a car and how long it takes before you visit a bodywork shop to help you plan better. You do not want to start repainting your car without an adequate budget or time enough to allow the paint to dry.

How much it costs to repaint a car varies depending on several factors that include the type of the car, level of detail, the reason for repainting, and the quality of paint. If you are looking for a quick, economical way to raise the value of your vehicle, a less expensive paint job will be fine. On the other hand, if you would like to keep your car for a long time, we advise that you invest considerably more. Read on to find how much does it cost to repaint a car and things that affect the cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Repaint A Car?

How much it costs to repaint your vehicle varies from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the quality and customization you need. Getting your car repainted for a few hundred dollars is not bad if you are on a tight budget, but it usually does not guarantee quality work. Many pitfalls come with cheap car repaint jobs. The paint may not be of the right quality and may not match the original manufacturer paint used on your vehicle. The artistry may also not be quality enough to give your automobile an eye-catching look.

Nevertheless, you do not have to break the bank to give your car a fresh look. It does not make sense to spend tens of thousands on custom, outlandish paint jobs if you want to add value to your vehicle. If you spend a lot of money on a repainting job, you may end up with the most expensive used car, which will make it difficult to find a buyer. The best paint job should add value to your car without raising the overall cost of your investment beyond a reasonable figure.

As you look at how much does it cost to repaint a car, you should also factor in the value it adds to your vehicle and the cost effect. A satisfactory car repainting job should cost between $1,000 and $3,500 for quality work. You should expect to pay at least $2,500 to get a showroom-quality paint job. That said, it is worth noting that your vehicle repaint cost will depend on your needs and budget.

Things That You Should Consider Before Repainting A Car

  • Paint job quality

You should be prepared to invest considerably more for premium work. Most paint shops have several prices for different quality levels. The higher the amount you pay, the more goes to your car paintwork. Premium repainting ensures smooth paint all over your vehicle, including sharp bends and crevices, which gives your car a restored look. The expensive paint job usually involves disassembling the vehicle to ensure every section looks as good as new, even the hard-to-reach areas. However, a complete restoration is not necessary for most people.

  • Determine what is necessary

You do not have to repaint the entire car if your vehicle has a few minor chips and blemishes. If they are concentrated on one part of your car, you can save money by repainting the area that needs a touch-up. Make sure the repainting job is necessary before committing a budget to ensure that you recoup the investment. Repainting sections that are in good condition will not add value to your car.

  • Does the vehicle have underneath problems?

Repainting your car will give it a new lease of life, but it will not fix underneath problems. Painting over a dent will not fix the problem. You should never do cosmetic makeup over a structural problem like dents or rust, as it will only make the problem worse. Dents will likely become more visible underneath a flesh, shinny paint coat, while rusting panels will continue to rot. You should always fix the underneath problems before you decide to repaint your car.

  • Understand the work needed

It is impossible to know how much it will cost to repair a car unless you have an idea of the job needed to restore your car. A vehicle with minimal preparation will have an inexpensive paint job. The cost of repainting a car with dings and rust will not be the same as that of a car without rust and dings problems. We recommend that you analyze your vehicle’s structure to determine the work necessary for a perfect repaint job.

  • Set a realistic budget

You should be realistic on how much you should expect to pay for the repainting of your automobile. It does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on an old car. If you have an older model that you still cherish and would like to keep for an extended period, we advise that you go for a cheaper repaint to give the vehicle a refreshing exterior with minimal cash outlay. However, if you have a classic or a vintage car, you should avoid cheap repainting jobs. Opting for the cheaper repainting on a classic vehicle can affect the value of your investment. We recommend that you go for a full restoration that brings the vehicle’s appearance closer to how it looked when new.

Factors That Affect The Repainting Cost Of Your Car

Before you look at how much does it cost to repaint a car, you must understand what affects the cost. Why would a bodywork shop quote a different repainting price for different cars? Two models of the same make will likely cost differently due to the underneath work necessary before repainting. A vehicle with dings and rust will require more preparation than a car in a perfect body structure. Some of the factors that affect repainting price include:

  • Work quality – The quality of the painting job is a major determinant of the overall cost. A professional paint shop will offer the best service but will likely charge more to restore your car. On the other hand, a cheaper service may compromise the quality and results.
  • Vehicle size – The cost of repainting a compact saloon car will not be the same as that of a truck or a van. Larger vehicles have a bigger surface area, which will affect the total cost of repainting. It will need more paint and take more hours to repaint, which will make the bodywork shop to charge more for the job.
  • Color and paint quality – Although a yellow and a white short will have the same price in a garment store, it works differently for vehicles. The color of your choice will affect the amount you will pay for the repainting job. The standard colors like gray, white and black are cheaper to repaint than specialized colors. Furthermore, the paint quality will affect the cost. It will cost more to apply several layers of high-quality paint as opposed to synthetic enamel paint.
  • Needed repairs – A vehicle with structural imperfections like deep scratches, dings and rust will cost more to repaint than a car in good condition. You should not repaint structural imperfections as it will only make the problem worse. We recommend that you get the issues fixed before repainting the vehicle.
  • Finishes – You should enquire what the professional repair shop includes as part of the repainting job. A professional, quality service will include sealing or waxing the car to protect the new paint. If the service does not offer a sealing job, you should pay an additional fee for the finish. A wax finish or a paint sealant protects your new paint and ensure durability.

How To Prepare A Car Before Repainting?

A quality, repainting outcome starts with thorough preparation. Therefore, it is necessary you know what it takes to prepare a vehicle before you take it for repainting. Some of the car preparation jobs for repainting include:

  • Cutting – Cutting is the use of abrasive compounds to remove thin paint layers.
  • Sanding – Sanding is the process of removing paint with abrasive materials like sandpaper or an electric orbital sander. Different tasks require specific grades of paper for the best results.
  • Priming – Priming helps to prepare metal surfaces for painting. It seals the metal surface and creates a protective barrier, which enables the color to stick to your car. The best primers come with high solids that can smooth imperfections on metal surfaces.


If you like your car but need a fresh new look, repainting the vehicle will enable you to look at your investment differently. It gives your automobile a fresh appearance that is closer to how it looked while new. How much it will cost to repaint the vehicle will depend on several factors like quality of paint and work, car’s size and preparation work needed.

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